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Lisbeth was one of the two designers behind the successful Lovestones jewellery line. Lovestones ceased trading in the summer of 2012 when the two partners decided to pursue different directions. Lisbeth is now starting a new chapter of her jewellery designer career and has created Boho Global.

"Boho means a lot to me personally," says Lisbeth. "Each piece probably reflects more of my rock/bohemian side. All the jewellery is made in small local communities around the world, hence the name Boho Global."

"Boho is of a higher quality and is more elegant than anything I have done before. It's still bohemian, but it's more exclusive and perhaps slightly more eccentric. I'm really interested in music and art, and I think the jewellery reflects that. Boho offers handmade pieces made of  sterling silver, gold, magical stones or other exciting metals and materials."

 "I started Boho so I could realise more of my ideas. I love the whole process - from concept to finished product. It's exciting and demanding, and very stimulating. I have designed a number of collections, one of which is available from today. At last! It has taken a lot of work to get where I am  today, especially when you are trying to run a business with a sustainable ethos!"

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